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The GLE series is Canton’s update of their notable LE series. In the GLE models, aluminum drivers replace the LEs’ polypropylene cones, and improved cast baskets increase power handling. Sensitivity is rated 89dB/W/m for the GLE 407 indicating only modest power is required. They’ve also upgraded the series’ 1″ silk-dome tweeter, which now has a slightly flared mounting plate to increase its efficiency. The crossover networks have been redesigned to better match the drivers and the redesigned enclosures, to improve the speakers’ linearity and frequency response both on and off axis.

Also part of the system reviewed was Canton’s AS 85 SC powered subwoofer ($549 USD), which has a port and a 9″ aluminum driver, both firing from the front, and a 150W amplifier. The GLE 407 tower speaker ($999/pair) and GLE 402 surround speaker ($449/pair) are also bass-reflex models, the 407 with a front port, the 402 with a port on the rear; the GLE 405 CM center-channel speaker ($449) is a sealed design. The system reviewed costs $2446.

The three-driver GLE 407 is unique among the GLE models in being a “2.5-way” design: the crossover sends the midrange signal to the upper 7″ driver, and the bass and midrange information to the lower 7″ driver. This is claimed to improve the off-axis dispersion — if my listening was any indication, the off-axis response, in both Dolby Pro Logic II and Dolby Digital 5.1, was impressive.

The GLE 405 CM center and GLE 407 both have W-T-W arrays: the tweeter between the woofers (6″ woofers are used in the 405 CM). The tweeter in the GLE 402 surround model is placed above a single 6″ woofer. The cabinets were rock-solid, knuckle raps eliciting little more than a dull thunk. The binding posts are interesting: their nonstandard spacing means that they can’t accommodate dual banana plugs, and each post is really two halves separated by a rather large vertical notch. I suppose the notch is designed to accept the finger-thick pins with which some high-end speaker cables are terminated, but it’s so big that the posts can’t really accept any wire smaller than 12AWG without also using large spade lugs or banana plugs.

The seemingly acoustically transparent metal grilles are removable. I know that some audiophiles throw the grilles away, but I’ve grown to enjoy the protection they afford delicate instruments such as speaker cones, especially around small children and pets. Besides, you can still see the drivers in their glorious aluminosity, and the grilles are a critical part of the GLEs’ considerable visual appeal.

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Produttore: Canton

Caratteristiche: 2,5 vie  reflex

Costo: 720 euro anno 2008

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Canton GLE 407