Clearaudio Performance SE

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The Performance SE is typically sold as a package, complete with Clearaudio’s Satisfy Carbon Directwire tonearm and Maestro Wood MM cartridge, offering a complete solution to the music lover looking for superior sound and refined design, combined with ease of set-up and use.
Features included in this turntable:
• A 40mm-thick, silently revolving acrylic platter. The characteristics of acrylic are close to vinyl, so resonances inside the record find an easy path into the platter, where they are damped away.
• A separate AC synchronous motor unit in a solid housing with three silicone feet, which drives the platter through a stepped pulley and circular cross-sectioned belt. Separation of the motor from the main turntable is designed to further reduce vibrational energy.
• Integrated patented Clearaudio ceramic magnetic bearing (CMB). While most turntable bearings use a metal spindle spinning in a housing with a ball-bearing separating the two, Clearaudio’s bearing is aligned with a non-magnetic ceramic spindle and effectively floated on air by a magnetic field. This reduces friction, wear and noise by avoiding any point of load.

Di cosa si tratta: Giradischi a cinghia

Produttore: Clearaudio  De + Japan

Caratteristiche: Telaio rigido

Costo: 4500 euro giradischi – 190 euro testina anno 2017

Info: Audiocostruzioni di Sbisa’e punto vendita chiedere   tel 059-685054

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Clearaudio Performance SE