Abacus ” Ampino “

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  • Linear Integrated Amplifier

  • Input impedance at output: 0 Ohm

  • Virtually infinite damping

  • Extremely high efficiency

  • Output signal provides zero-loss negative feedback: connected loudspeaker is 100% controlled by the amplifier

  • Connected loudspeakers are linearized

  • No post-oscillations of the membrane

  • Protection for loudspeaker and amplifier

  • Precision potentiometer (Alps RK27)

  • Stable aluminum chassis

  • NEW: Noise suppression during switch-on

  • Blue LED indicating operation

  • Combines advantages of tubes and transistors


The ABACUS Ampino is very similar to its larger equivalent, the ABACUS 60-120C, offering the same charge capacity of 40.000µF as in the “Powered Edition” of the 60-120C. The maximum output power of the ABACUS Ampino is limited only by the smaller toroidal transformer, delivering 50W of electric power. Still, it offers sufficient power to customary loudspeakers, allowing for high quality sound at normal sound pressure levels and beyond….

The ABACUS Ampino comes with volume control via an ALPS precision potentiometer. This even allows the Ampino to be used without any preamplifier, if only one audio source is used and a remote control is not required.

When it comes to sound, the ABACUS Ampino is fully equivalent with the larger ABACUS Amplifiers. The unique ABACUS technology allows the Ampino to control the loudspeaker over the whole dynamic range.

Due to the zero-loss negative feedback the output voltage is always in phase to the input voltage, regardless of the load at the output stage of the amplifier. The typical post-oscillations of a loudspeaker after excitation are therefore eliminated, which the most precise bass response and most realistic sound images, possible.

The amplifier output of ABACUS amplifiers is independent of the load, which includes the cables and connectors as being part of the load. Only the cross-section of the cable remains an important factor. The cable material is not important; as long as it is electrically conducting. Using ABACUS amplifiers, the money, which would be spent on advertised “magic” cables, is better invested in a number of new music CDs.

Originally designed for the small hi-fi system in the home office or dining room, the ABACUS Ampino is also used in living rooms by an increasing number of hi-fi enthusiasts. In case that the Ampino exceeds its power capabilities, a overload protection prevents both the amplifier and the loudspeaker from being damaged.

Di cosa si tratta: Ampli Integrato

Produttore: Abacus  DE

Caratteristiche: 25 watt

Costo: 550 € anno2012

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Abacus ” Ampino “