Celestion ” Kingston “

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Diffusori top di gamma di questa famosa ditta , costruiti con componenti di altissimo livello e cabinet in un composto marmoreo non risuonante e molto pesante ..  suono preciso e di alto livello.

Il cavo di alimentazione viene infilato all’interno della base e si inserisce sotto al diffusore.


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The speaker system which hits the prestige model of the CELESTION developed aiming at the ultimate compact speaker.

The 16cm corn type Woofer is carried in low-pass.
The intensity of the central part is raised by really molding a diaphragm and a center cap, and distorted reduction is aimed at.

The 3cm dome shape tweeter is carried in the high region.
While having adopted a light weight and aluminum with little resonance as a diaphragm and also attaining a weight saving, in order to tell vibration of a voice coil without a loss to a diaphragm, integral moulding of a diaphragm and the voice coil bobbin is carried out, and the response engine performance is raised.

A low loss polypropylene film capacitor and a silver plating oxygen-free-copper coil reactor are adopted as a network part, and the improvement of the phase characteristic is aimed at.
Furthermore, a connecting terminal makes the Woofer and tweeter side become independent, and bi-wiring connection and a by amplifier drive are possible for it.

A tweeter is fixed to the aluminum front panel of mental make-up, and the Woofer is fixing mount of a unit to the baffle of the alpha crystal enclosure. Thereby, vibration of a mutual unit is pressing down the dirt of sound which gives other units and is generated.

The new-materials alpha crystal is adopted as the enclosure.
This material is what mixed the polymer which is a high-density inactivity substance to mineral matter, has density also about 2.5 times compared with MDF, and there is also very little resonance at the Takauchi part loss, and also it equips form with free nature.
By using an alpha crystal by an original forming process, firm dress structure is realized and generating of the standing-wave in a core is suppressed. Moreover, the exterior serves as form which drew the gently-sloping curve and was narrowed down back in order to avoid the bad influence by acoustic diffraction.

The speaker stand for exclusive use is attached.
The same alpha crystal as the enclosure is adopted as a stand. Furthermore, it is considered as the structure which touches by three points to the main part of a speaker, and a top of flooring, respectively, and in order to obtain a still more sharp feeling of the normal position, the spike for exclusive use is attached.
Moreover, it is designed let a speaker cable pass inside a support.

Di cosa si tratta: Diffusori due vie

Produttore: Celestion

Costo: 7.100.000 lire anno 1997

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Celestion ” Kingston “