Luxman L5

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Integrato in ottime condizioni , era il più potente di questa serie e non ne sono stati venduti molti in italia in quanto piuttosto costo , direi piuttosto raro e difficile da trovare ,  ottima timbrica e buona la potenza , questi sono 60 watt buoni !!



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The Integrated Amplifier which investigated the quality of all fields, such as a performance side, an organization side, a functional side, and a design side, and was developed.

The power amplifier part has adopted DC amplifier stream composition which removed the time constant circuitry in the NFB loop which is one of the causes which worsens a transient response. Moreover, about the problem of the drift over a variation of external requirements, such as supply voltage and a temperature, for every main point, an electric and an organization device are given and are suppressed on the level which can be disregarded.
To the power transistor, the destructive-proof intensity selected carefully highly what has high high region cut-off frequency, and EBT (emitter ballast and transistor) is adopted as a driver transistor. Furthermore, the stable high region property with little notching distortion is realized for the pre-driver stage a constant voltage and by carrying out a constant current drive.

The three-step hardwired-connection equalizer circuitry, the two-step hardwired-connection flat amplifier circuitry, and the two-step hardwired-connection tone amplifier circuitry are adopted as a preamplifier part.
In order to attain further more much more low-distortion-izing and high SN ratio-ization, while carrying out the careful selection using of the super-low-noise type with few collector output capacitances with a linear region improve a circuitry fundamentally and large to a using transistor, and high and high region cut-off frequency,It drives with a negative power source, the electric current of many of Japanese predefinedpredefineds is further sent through each circuitry, and low impedance-ization is attained.

The large-sized Troy Dahl power transformer is adopted as a power-source part.
Moreover, a preamplifier part, the predrive stage, and the power stage are another formulated, the efficiency ratio of a power source is raised, and the improvement in a distortion property is aimed at.

In order to advance positively shortest-distance-izing from each input terminal to an amplifier circuitry, and exclusion of shielding wire and to aim at the improvement in a performance, it is dared to form the input terminal plate in the bottom.

the LUX scheme NF type is adopted as a tone control, and also the object for high regions and the method of low-pass have prepared the curving point frequency switchover 2 points every. A defeet is also possible for this tone control.
In others, filter circuits, such as a Subsonic Filter, a low cut-off filter, and a high cut-off filter, a monitor & dubbing functionality, a speaker selector, a loudness control, -20dB audio Attenuator, etc. are carried.

A separation using of a preamplifier part and a power amplifier part is possible.

Di cosa si tratta: Ampli integrato

Produttore: Luxman

Caratteristiche: 60 watt

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Luxman L5