Luxman Lv 105 U

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Form Hybrid Integrated Amplifier
Output power (20Hz – 20kHz) 105W+105W (6ohms)
THD 0.008% or less (6 ohms, 1kHz)
Frequency characteristic 1Hz – 200kHz-less than 3dB
Input sensitivity/impedance Phono man month: 2.5mV/47kohm
Phono MC: 125 microvolts/100 ohms
compact disk, Tuner, audio video/AUX:150mV/40kohm
S/N ratio (A curve correction) Phono MM:90dB
Phono MC:70dB
compact disk, Tuner, audio video/AUX:110dB
audio-video input terminal Three lines
audio-video dubbing functionality audio-video2->audio-video1
Supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions Width 438x height 148x depth of 346mm
Weight 10.6kg


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Voltage driven from input to output, the LV-105 is centered around two 6CG7A twin-triode vacuum the driver stage. Power output is delivered by high-current MOS-FET transistors. Duo-ßeta circuitry allows for a 14 octaves linearity : from DC to 200kHz.

Along select FETs in the first stages, the STAR circuit topology groups ground lines, power and signal patterns by the amount of current instead of location – the electrons thus flow more naturally and efficiently.

Two power transformers are used : one high-flux core feeds the audio circuitry while the other deals with the video circuitry, the 6CG7A tubes. Primary and secondary windings on both trafos are properly phased in.

The tubes pre-heating system operates plates at less than 50% of their voltage with the heater itself set at 80% of its voltage.
Video circuitry is present (in composite – there was no S-VHS in 1984), along tape dubbing, rec-out selectors and high quality phoo MM or MC cartridge stages.

The overall build quality is however somewhat “industrial” and not too well matched to the ingenious hybrid circuit…
The BRID (hybrid…) series was a fair attempt at (re)gaining a little bit of warmth in the middle of a “black” decade. And a good idea that many “smaller” manufacturers took on but which, paradoxically, didn’t do much for LUX who was -under the Alpine impulse- striving to regain some of its mid 1970s success.

The long production run of the series, however, shows that if the Brid units didn’t make LUX a bestselling brand, it helped keep that glorious name fairly in sight until the early/mid 90s… The 1984/85 introduction of the LV-104 was received with a “Good Design” award from the japanese industry. The LV-107U was a late (too late?) addition to the series and is, unlike the smaller siblings, rather rare. The same fate befell the equivalent CD player : D-107u.

Depending on the market, the LUXMAN logo was preceded by the ALPINE logo. Argh.

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Luxman Lv 105 U