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Meridian 556 100W Stereo Power Amplifier

The 556 is an outstanding 100W stereo amplifier that can provide exquisite results with even the most demanding loudspeakers.

The Meridian 556 houses two powerful amplifiers in a dual mono construction.

The over-specified output stage uses 8 high-power transistors. These, combined with a low-noise 800VA toroidal transformer, permit this amplifier to deliver massive currents, ensuring no loss of performance even into loads that dip below 2 ohms.

The power delivery of this amplifier makes it ideal for driving difficult loudspeaker loads. The 556 provides unbalanced inputs as well as twin outputs for bi-wiring.

The topology of 556 is very much in the Meridian tradition. A high-precision, fast, DC-precise input stage is combined with fully complementary amplification and output stages. The 556 also uses Meridian’s well tried self-adjusting bias and error-correction output circuitry.

As you may expect, the 556 is fully protected against DC and thermal overload.


Power output: 100W into 8 ohms

Distortion: <0.05%

Signal/Noise: –90dB Inputs: Unbalanced inputs on phono.

Sensitivity: 1.77V rms (designed to match with 551 if required)

Outputs: Twin outputs for bi-wiring

Construction: Dual Mono construction. 5 pairs of output devices per side. 2 high quality audio-grade smoothing capacitors per side (27,200µF used in total). Error corrected output stage. Idealised magnetic circuit design. Low feedback design. Fully protected against DC and thermal overload. Low inductance power oxide resistors. 800VA toroidal transformer

Dimensions: 88mm (3.46in) H, 385 (15.16) W, 306 (12.05) D Weight 17kg (37.5lbs)

Controls: Rear-panel controls for Power On/Off Front display: Power indicator lamp

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Meridian 556