Pioneer SM-Q305

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Sintoampli  completamente a valvole , anche nella sezione tuner , versione con e senza cabinet in legno.


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Pioneer SM-Q305 AM/FM Stereo TUBE Amplifier Receiver from 1960. I believe this is the first or second piece of stereo equipment Pioneer made!! This 19“ x 12“ x 6“ Eighteen tube receiver was checked out by my technician Tom, and he cleaned the controls and says it plays well. You could clean the knobs and faceplate a little if you’d like, but it has a nice even pitena the way it is. This set uses 12AX7s for preamp tubes and a pair of 6BQ5s for push pull output of 14 watts RMS each channel. This receiver has controls for Volume, Balance, Channel A Bass, Channel A Treble, Channel B Treble, Channel B Bass, Stereo Mono Mode Selector, FM Mpx, FM, AM, Phono, Aux Selector, and has switches for On/Off, AM Broad/sharp, Low Filter, Hgigh Filter, Loudness, and Tape monitor.

Di cosa si tratta: Sintoampli

Produttore: Pioneer

Caratteristiche: Valvolare


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Pioneer SM-Q305