Sansui AU 719

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Power output: 90 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Frequency response: 10Hz to 20kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.015%

Damping factor: 110

Input sensitivity: 2.5mV (MM), 200mV (line)

Signal to noise ratio: 88dB (MM), 100dB (line)

Channel separation: 65dB (MM), 70dB (line)

Output: 200mV (line)

Speaker load impedance: 8Ω (minimum)

Dimensions: 430 x 168 x 395mm

Weight: 16kg


1979 1979-81 AU-719 (international) (USA: April 79-December 80) $575. This amp was an updated AU-717 (DC circuit or maybe with the DD/DC circuit, I’m not sure). This amp was an updated version of the AU-717 using some of the older technology of the AU-717. It’s a step down to the AU-717 and not like the AU-919 at all. It’s a newer version of the AU-717 using the older technology of the AU-717. It’s 90wpc into 8 ohms. Frequency response rated to 400,000Hz with a ±170v/µs slew rate. Said to be a more audiophile type sound. This amplifier is a tad bit of a step down in actual build quality than the AU-717. AU-719 was cheaper constructed than the AU-717 but still an excellent sounding amplifier: Cheaper shielded transformers, no pre-out/main in, no anodizing on the heat sinks, thin galvanized non painted chassis, etc., etc.

From another person: From what I’ve read the 719 is different than the 717 using some older technology but being about 2 years or so newer in release. It’s interesting that some mention their 719s having the black box transformers. I wonder if the black covered transformers are older versions or are the copper clad transformers a newer “revision” and an updated version and possibly a replacement that was done to better the sound or a cost cutting measure?

From another person: “Improved, slightly better sounding version of the popular AU-717. Completely independent power supply for each channel. Diamond Differential DC circuit for lower distortion. The DD/DC circuit is also said to make it less necessary to adjust and tune up the amp over the years to maintain peak performance. DC bias. Spring mounts for speaker wires used on the AU-717 were replaced with improved and more modern binding posts on the AU-719. Extended bass without that artificial boom, a deep and clear midrange and nice resolution in the treble. The AU-719 does not have any pre-out capability, as on the AU-717. This amplifier is 90wpc like the 819) and is clearly an updated AU-717 using the (DD/DC circuit). The AU-719 with the DD/DC circuit is clearly an updated AU-717. The 719 is 90wpc like the 819.

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Sansui AU 719