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James Bongiorno left GAS and founded SUMO Electric Co. to create a new audio line. What emerged was the four-quadrant full complementary differential balanced power amplifier, “The Power”.

Ultimately, the SUMO product line was expanded to include multiple amplifiers, preamps, tuners, and numerous other products. Information on them is hard to find, so I’m missing some details below.

I am always looking for literature, manuals, schematics, etc. for these, so if you have any I’d love to hear from you!

To see a SUMO ad, click here. Product literature (including specifications, spec sheets, etc.) is here

Sumo gives you the real thing. The nine is a pure class A power amplifier that remains class A even when driving 4 Ohm loudspeakers.

The Nine’s approach to class A is so unique it earned a US patent – an amazing achievement for an audio component.

Sumo’s exclusive class A engineering provides all the advantages and none of the disadvantages of typical class A designs.

The unit features an all aluminium anodized chassis with massive extruded heat sinking and built in whisper fan for efficient heat dissipation.

Military grade G-10 glass epoxy printed circuit boards throughout.

Power supply incorporating 1.4KW shielded toroidal transformer and 42,000 microfarad computer grade filter capacitors, resulting in supply voltage regulation better than 3%.

Power output into 8 ohms: Nine 60W, Nine Plus 65W

Damping factor minimum: Nine 120, Nine Plus 150 20Hz to 1 kHz

  • Di cosa si tratta: Amplificatore Finale
  • Produttore: Sumo Usa
  • Caratteristiche: 70 watt classe A
  • Costo: 3.700.000 lire anno 1998 circa
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Sumo the Nine