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Si tratta di un pre a valvole americano solo online  venduto sia in kit da montare oppure già assemblato.

Questo e stato assemblato da un super appassionato evoluto , che ha usato un cabinet molto bello e gli ha inserito una coppia di vumeter illumniati davvero molto belli.

Il suono e davvero notevole ed estremamente silenzioso , davvero un bel progetto !!!



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By utilizing creative and innovative circuitry, a quantum leap in sound quality has been obtained at an extremely low cost.  So what is this “grounded grid” thing?  Its a way of driving a tube that was pioneered many years ago in radio design. Its primary characteristics are very wide bandwidth and low noise.

“So how does it sound?”  The unit is blistering fast.  The response is flat to 300 kHz.  The high speed reveals every subtle nuance of the music.  It doesn’t “mask over” and “white wash” the music so that everything sounds the same and puts you to sleep.  The preamp is dead quiet.  Really dead quiet.  No hum, no hiss, nothing. The result is a very musical, natural sound that is the complete absence of coloration.  It’s accurate and natural without being the least bit analytical.  Ask someone who owns one.

The power supply and audio circuits are located on two separate circuit boards providing optimal isolation for reduced noise. Three individual power transformers are used to eliminate interference.  The front panel is acid etched for a very handsome, durable appearance. The lid is an attractive brushed stainless steel which will never tarnish.  This is a real high-end package in both design and construction–without the big price.

Di cosa si tratta: Pre a valvole

Produttore: Trascendent  Usa

Caratteristiche: Valvolare Linea


Assemblato 899 $

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Trascendent Sound