Yaoin SM120

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Input Power      110V-240V AVAILABLE
Output Power    ultra-linear 2x 80W RMS, triode state 2x 50W RMS (8 ohm)   con valvole KT120
Valve/Tubes     KT120x4 6SN7x4 12AX7x2
 INPUT    Integrated 0.3V Power 0.6V
Use Pressure    110 V – 240V
Consumption    300W
Harmonic Distortion     <0.5%(1KHz60W)
Frequency   20Hz~100KHz (-1dB,10w/8 ohm)
Signal/Noise Ratio    >8dB “A Weight”
Load impedance    8ohm or 4ohm
Signal Inputs Level    >300mv
Audio Input    4 groups
Audio Output    2 groups
Input impedance    20Kohm


    • Awesome and powerful 65 watt per channel dual mono power amp. Two separate amps with two separate power supplies on one chassis.

    • Beautiful styling with bright copper lacquered chassis and huge potted transformers with curved aluminum tube cage

  • Front panel inputs to bypass internal preamp so you can use your own preamp or source directly to power amps

  • Switchable from 65 watts Ultralinear to 32 watts pure triode mode

  • Very powerful amplifier that will drive any speaker with authority. Great frequency extension and bass control.


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Yaoin SM120