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The ECD1 is a 24Bit 192KHz upsampler DAC accepting 16 – 24Bit input and upsample it to 24Bit resolution.


For people who put the music in the front seat, the new format (DVD-A and SACD) with its present products do not fulfil or even compete with the best CD system.
Not knowing which format will “win” and the lesser sound quality produced by these products, we believe that a really good sounding CD system will survive for many years.

If a customer want to keep his/her CD player for some reason, or wait for the new format to prove its musical capability, upgrading the sound quality with the ECD1 is well worth the money spent.

The ECD1 is a 24Bit 192KHz upsampler DAC accepting 16 – 24Bit input and upsample it to 24Bit resolution.

This will give app. 10dB more headroom by lowering the noise floor, with more details reproduced.

The D/A converter is a sophisticated balanced 192KHz unit. Due to the higher sampling frequency and the cancellation of digital noise in the balanced system, the bandwidth is moved 2 octave up in frequency, compared to standard CD system using 44.1KHz sampling frequency, and therefore a 6dB rolloff can be used.

All analogue circuitry is fully balanced and symmetrical.

– With four input’s and connection for AES/EBU ( balanced ), RCA and TOSLINK, all standard formats are covered.

Two digital output for connection to multichannel receiver’s etc. TOSLINK (Optical) and RCA.

Analogue output’s – Balanced and single ended.

The digital and analogue circuitry used in the ECD1 is the same as our EMC1 UP CD player.

The ECD1 will improve the sound from any CD player, bringing it to a High-End source.

Di cosa si tratta: DAC Esterno

Produttore: Electrocompaniet

Caratteristiche: 24 Bit 192 KHz

Costo: 1980/00 euro anno 2006  punto vendita audiocostruzioni   Sbisa’ Giovanni e c snc  Via Grosoli 6  41012  Carpi MO  Tel. 059-685054 info@audiocostruzioni.com

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DAC Electrocompaniet ECD1