McIntosh C26

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ELECTRICAL: Response 20-20kHz (+0 -0.5dB). Distortion 0.1%. Noise and hum -85dB aux, -74dB phono. Output rated 2.5v, 10v max. Output impedance 200 ohms. Load impedance 47k. Input sensitivity and impedance: aux 0.25V at 250k, phono 2mV at 47k. Center channel out (L+R) 2.5v with control (+6 -6 dB re main output). Tone controls: bass +16dB to -20dB, treble +20 to-20dB. Loudness continuously variable. LF filter 50Hz at 6dB/octave. HF filter 5kHz at 6dB/octave. Voltage gain 20dB aux, 62dB phono. Switch for pwr amp output to main and/or remote speakers.

FRONT PANEL: Glass panel. Illuminated. Input selector: aux, tape 2, tape 1, tuner, phono 1, and phono 2. Mode selector: L to L+R, R to L+R, stereo rev, stereo, mono (L+R), L+R to L and L+R to R. Volume with power switch. Loudness, Balance, Tone controls: 11 position switched dual concentric bass and treble. Pushbutton switches: tape 1, tape 2, LF, HF, Main and Remote speaker ( on or off).

TOP PANEL: Center channel level, Phase switch: left channel 0 (normal) or 180.

BACK PANEL: Speaker push terminals for amplifier output, main speakers and remote speakers. Inputs: aux, tape 2, tape 1, tuner, ph 1 and ph 2. Outputs: center, main (2 pair), tape 2 and tape 1. Ground binding post. AC outlets: 4 switched, 1 unswitched. Fuse, Panloc mounting.

Size: 5-7/16″H, 16″W and 13″D behind panel.

Weight: 18 lb.

Sold from: 1968-1978.

Last retail price: $449.00

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McIntosh C26