Rega P25 giradischi

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The P25 is a celebration designed and produced during our twenty-fifth year manufacturing specialist hi-fi products. Our objective was to produce a turntable that would take a musical step further in performance from the legendary P3 turntable. We quite simply had more money to indulge ourselves in a more sophisticated design. The minimised high performance plinth derived from the P3 carries a sophisticated electronically controlled ultra low vibration motor assembly. With this design, our skilled production technicians can “trim” the vibrations from the motor. The plinth has a clever removable outer surround made from real solid woods with a variety of finishes allowing you to change your mind about the appearance of your turntable years after you have purchased it! The platter is hand crafted from floated plate glass 12mm in thickness. This makes for a superb platter material as it has few resonance problems, is extremely flat and has good mass. The P25 carries a market leading extremely high quality dust cover made from the highest quality acrylics. The mould tool to produce this dust cover would at today’s rates cost in excess of £50,000 to produce! Finally, the P25 carries a high performance version of the legendary RB300 tonearm. The RB600 is lovingly constructed to extremely high tolerances by a dedicated team of production technicians. To further improve musical detail the RB600 carries an extremely high performance Rega designed phono cable assembly with state of the art Neutrik connectors.

Di cosa si tratta:Giradischi

Produttore: Rega 

Caratteristiche: Trazione a cinghia

Costo:  2150,00€ anno 2004

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Rega P25 giradischi