ROTEL RSP-980 Surround Sound Processor & ROTEL RDA-980 ac3 Digital Surround Sound Adapter

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Si tratta di un prodotto molto interessante , infatti abbiamo un preamplificatore di buona qualità audio , con telecomando e un processore dedicato per il Dolby Digital

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Up for auction are two awesome ROTEL home theater surround sound audio components. The ROTEL RSP-980 SURROUND SOUND PROCESSOR along with the ROTEL RDA-980 ac3 DIGITAL SURROUND ADAPTER (outboard processor).  True to Rotel’s reputation is the full, rich dynamic QUALITY sound this processor and adapter produces.  Approx. a year ago I upgraded my system and this unit has been stored in a smoke-free, pet-free home since that time.  This unit performed flawlessly as the central processor for my 5.1 home theater system.   Also in great cosmetic condition. There are a few minor superficial  scratches on the top of the units, otherwise no obvious scratches, scuffs or blemishes. The faces of the units look brand new.

These two components together retailed for $2300 when new!

One of the best things about these units is the use of the DB-25 cable (included).  This cable eliminates having to use 5 coax cables, which makes a HUGE difference in the ease of connecting everything together.  Not-to-mention the lack of  that tangled wire mess!

This processor is packed full of features some of which include:

  • Rotel’s Balanced Design Concept which combined advanced circuit board layout, comprehensive parts evaluation, and extensive listening tests for superior sound and long term reliability
  • THX certification for excellent performance and sound quality with a wide variety of audio/video sources
  • 5.1 channel input for Dolby Digital (AC-3) surround processing
  • User-friendly On-Screen Display
  • DSP music modes for enhanced surround sound music listening.
  • Comprehensive input switching with separate recording and listening controls
  • “Zone 2” output with independent input selection and level adjustments for multi-zone custom installations
  • Highly regulated power supply
  • Comprehensive rear panel input and output connection

Di cosa si tratta: Pre + porcessore Audio Video

Produttore: Rotel


Costo: 1.360.000 lire pre  1.500.000 lire processore.  anno 1998 circa

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ROTEL RSP-980 Surround Sound Processor & ROTEL RDA-980 ac3 Digital Surround Sound Adapter