Tascam CD 450

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  The CD-450 is a full featured CD player designed for live venues, broadcast applications, and studio applications. A complete feature list and a host of options let you assemble the CD-450 to fit your needs perfectly.

Several cueing functions on the CD-450 make live productions easier:

– Auto Cue positions the machine to the first audio in a CD track, rather than the actual ID location. This eliminates dead space in the beginning of the track, allowing tighter cues for live shows or on-air environments.

– Auto Ready pauses the machine at each track ID. This is ideal for live environments, allowing the engineer to cue in one track and forget about the machine – it automatically sets itself at the next cue. Also, for presentation and on-air applications, this is ideal since the machine won’t accidentally roll into the next cue on the CD.

– Call is used to return the machine to the cue where play began. This is useful for setting cue points in the middle of a track. Just press PLAY to check the cue, then press CALL to go reset back to that cue point.

– Incremental Play will automatically advance to the next track when play is stopped.

The CD-450 can also search for index IDs in addition to track IDs. This is ideal for studios dealing with sound effect CD collections.

Two TRS ports on the rear panel function as parallel ports to provide fader/event start functions, as well as tallies. This provides simple integration for broadcast consoles with fader start or event start controls.

The CD-450 offers unbalanced RCA and SPDIF coaxial outputs as standard. The optional LA-450 adds balanced XLR and AES/EBU outputs.

The optional RC-450C wired remote is designed to work with the CD-450.

Di cosa si tratta: Lettore CD

Produttore: Tascam

Caratteristiche: Professionale

Costo: 1.620.000 lire anno 2000

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Tascam CD 450